It all started when I was little and my mom taught me to use her sewing machine. I wouldn't leave it alone and she didn't want me to get hurt. It got bigger when I began to make tote bags from scrap fabric, tinkering with the design to build just what I wanted - a roomy tote bag that would hold a lot and last a long time, that was lightweight and compact, that was machine washable and very durable. (High standards? Absolutely.)

A few years ago I took up designing and making in earnest when I founded Made by Cat Painter, building Tools for Every Day. My items are made well using quality materials, designed to be used and reused, professionally finished to look good the whole time. These are the kind of things I use every day so they are the kind of things I offer here.

Since everything Made by Cat Painter is handmade by me, inventory is limited and custom orders are welcome. Please contact me with any questions and ideas! ​

Thanks for stopping by!

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